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YOGAZOO was created by Michelle Renton in 2006.

YOGAZOO is Perth’s first kids yoga school in Perth.

Michelle Renton is a fully qualified high school teacher, personal trainer and yoga instructor. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree (in Japanese, English and Drama) and Diploma of Education from UWA and has had more than 10 years experience as a high school teacher in both Perth and London. She also has experience in modern dance, acrobatics and ballet. During her time in the UK she developed a love of yoga and completed a training course to teach yoga while on maternity leave. She has also completed the ‘Yoga in my school’ certfication with Donna Freeman and the ZENERGY Teacher Training courses with Lorraine Rushton.


In 2006, Michelle opened YOGAZOO – a yoga school with a focus on children. Since then she has worked with children from the age of three to teens, offered mother and baby workshops and adult yoga classes. Her children’s classes are creative, joyful, loving and loads of fun! Her teens classes teaches teens to be centred in the midst of change, to stay focused, to breathe, and to learn to self regulate. Yoga teaches teens how to relax and it provides techniques for stress management. It enhances decision making by teaching teens to makes choices that respect themselves and others. Yoga for both kids and teens builds self-esteem, intuition and self-trust, and cultivates compassion for themselves and others and the natural world around them.

Michelle is a dynamic and energetic teacher who believes that yoga should be a part of every child’s life. Her classes are creative and fun yet calming and nurturing-providing a safe space for children of all ages and all abilities to grow and develop.

All her classes are made with love.

She is also available for private yoga classes and in-house school and company classes.


Benefits of Kids Yoga:



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